Hospitality is at the heart of Europe - let's work for its recovery and growth

Recovery and growth

For jobs, heritage and community, Europe needs a plan to support a vibrant and sustainable hospitality sector.

Working in partnership

This can only be achieved by business, Governments and the European institutions working together in close partnership.

Our Five Pledges

  Listen to and support the hospitality sector however we can, as key value chain partners

Help the sector to get the support from policymakers it needs

Champion ‘safe socialising’ that recognises the unique nature of hospitality settings

Develop with all stakeholders smart, sustainable recovery and growth solutions

#WeStandReady, count us in!

Hospitality should be at the heart of the national recovery plans

"The national plans should focus on reforms and investments that will generate the most lasting impact. Placing the hospitality and tourism sectors at the heart of national recovery and resilience plans will therefor be essential, and we encourage member states to involve these sectors in the design implementation and monitoring of the recovery plans" 


Nicholas Schmit - EU Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights
Nicholas Schmit

EU Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights

Our advocacy – 2 minute reads:

  • Drinks Ireland launched on 17 June a new campaign called #TogetherAgain today, to highlight all the work that’s gone in behind the scenes to get pubs ready to reopen their doors safely (click here and join the campaign!). This comes as some of the country’s hospitality venues with outdoor space are now open, with indoor spaces set to welcome customers back next month. Through a video series, the #TogetherAgain campaign will highlight how the drinks industry has worked closely with pubs to ensure they were and are ready for a safe and sustainable reopening. Read more

  • The Experience Economy encompasses hospitality, retail, travel, food, drink, tourism, entertainment, technology, events and organisations in the arts, cultural, sporting and heritage sectors. It reaches deep into the supply chain supporting business and employment encompassing many of hard to reach but critical elements of the economy and society: young people, small medium enterprises, regional and rural development, with real, tangible benefits for the Shared Island. Visit the Experience Economy website

  • The Experience Economy is the linchpin for our business model, making Ireland a great place to live, work and invest. Every business has a stake and Covid has accelerated the need to ensure that the Experience Economy is reimagined to create the conditions for it to be world-class. Click here to read the Experience Economy report.

  • Irish Times - Businesses will fail unless Government provides medium-term help. Read more
  • RTE - New Ibec campaign highlights risk to experience economy. Read more
  • - Irish business and employers’ group Ibec has launched a major campaign to support the experience economy as it seeks to overcome the hurdles posed by COVID-19. Read more

“Our bars, pubs and hospitality venues provide an economic livelihood to almost 200,000 people in Ireland, are integral parts of the Experience Economy and are a living and breathing part of our National heritage.  

The benefits of this industry are seen in rural and urban environments, extending to the most remote settings and bringing vibrancy and jobs to communities.  They are a part which we need to protect, support and nurture and we stand ready to play our role in doing so.”

Patricia Callan - Director of Drinks Ireland
Patricia Callan

Director of Drinks Ireland

Drinks Ireland|Spirits and Drinks Ireland|Irish Whiskey exist to promote the interests of the Irish spirits industry in Ireland and internationally.  We provide a strong and effective voice at the national, EU and global levels on issues such as taxation, labelling, trade and the ongoing international protection of Ireland’s three Geographic Indicators (GIs) for spirits (Irish whiskey, Irish Cream liqueur and Poitín).

Our objective is to ensure that optimal international trading conditions exist for the Irish spirits industry.  Drinks Ireland|Spirits and Drinks Ireland|Irish Whiskey are a part of Drinks Ireland

Drinks Ireland is the Ibec group that represents alcohol drinks manufacturers and suppliers in Ireland. Ibec is the national voice of business in Ireland. Ibec represents the interests of business in Ireland and provides a wide range of direct services to its 7,500 member companies.